For locksmith companies, juggling customer calls, dispatching technicians, and keeping track of jobs can be a real lock. That's where Nexus Service Manager comes in, a powerful job management software designed to streamline your operations and keep your business running smoothly.

Why Nexus Service Manager is Ideal for Locksmiths:

  • Centralized Job Management: Say goodbye to sticky notes and scattered spreadsheets. Nexus Service Manager provides a single platform to manage all your jobs, from initial inquiries to invoicing and payment. Schedule appointments, assign technicians, track job progress, and access all job details in one place.
  • Improved Dispatching: Optimize technician schedules and ensure fast response times. Nexus Service Manager's real-time GPS tracking helps you locate your closest available technician for each job, reducing wait times for your customers.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Keep your customers informed and satisfied. Nexus Service Manager allows you to send appointment reminders, updates on job progress, and even electronic invoices and payment receipts directly to their phones or emails.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management: Track your key and lock inventory with ease. Nexus Service Manager helps you maintain accurate stock levels, set reorder points, and avoid running out of essential supplies.
  • Boosting Profitability: Gain valuable insights into your business performance. Nexus Service Manager provides comprehensive reports on job completion times, technician productivity, and overall revenue. This data helps you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to increase your profitability.

Additional Features for Locksmiths:

Mobile App: Manage your business on the go with the Nexus Service Manager mobile app. Technicians can access job details, update progress, and even capture electronic signatures on site.

Customizable Workflows: Tailor the software to your specific needs with customizable workflows for different types of jobs, such as lock rekeying, emergency lockouts, and safe installations.

Nexus Service Manager is more than just job management software; it's a complete business solution for locksmith companies. By streamlining your operations, improving customer service, and boosting your profitability, Nexus Service Manager can help you unlock the full potential of your business.

Ready to take your locksmith company to the next level? Contact Nexus Service Manager today for a free demo and see how their software can help you achieve your business goals.

In addition to the features mentioned above, here are some other benefits of using Nexus Service Manager for locksmiths:

  • Reduced paperwork: Eliminate the need for manual paperwork with electronic job forms and invoices.
  • Improved communication: Facilitate communication between your office staff and technicians with in-app messaging and job updates.
  • Enhanced security: Securely store customer data and job details with Nexus Service Manager's robust security features.
  • Scalability: The software can grow with your business, whether you have a small team or a large operation.

If you're a locksmith looking for a way to improve your efficiency, profitability, and customer service, Nexus Service Manager is the key you've been looking for.


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Scheduling Management

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