Contrary to popular belief, running a field service business is a lot of hard work. From ensuring that there’s enough inventory to get the job done to fleet management, there are numerous areas that field service business owners need to keep an eye on for a profitable business but even with so much else on their plate, invoicing is probably the one area that field service business owners need the most help with.

According to a recent SAP report titled “The connected SMB: Embracing digital strategies to fuel growth,” the average Australian SMB processes roughly 168 invoices every month. Viewing this data in tandem with Deloitte’s findings that e-invoicing could help businesses save up to $20 per invoice means that resorting to digital invoices could potentially save businesses thousands of dollars each month.

Add the flexibility of mobile invoicing to the mix and you’re truly in for a treat.

With mobile invoicing, you do not only mitigate the risk of errors but also ensure that the entire process is as quick and seamless as possible.

Want to learn more about mobile invoicing for field service businesses and how it reduces the chances of late and missed payments? Read on to find out why mobile invoicing is one of the best features that your field service business can benefit from.

Mobile Invoicing

What is Mobile Invoicing?

Mobile invoicing is the process through which service providers can use their mobile phone to create invoices as soon as a task has been completed. Since there are no delays in the process and the invoice is sent to the client in near real-time, the chances of errors are mitigated.

Mobile invoicing often comes as a built-in feature with service management platforms which means that both clients and service providers will be able to access their invoices and payment history in a single central location. This also reduces the chance of interception and fraud as you won’t have to resort to any additional applications to send invoices or other sensitive information across.

Benefits of Mobile Invoicing

Small and medium-sized businesses are often held back by payment and cash flow issues. Investing in a service management application with mobile invoicing can help field service business owners streamline their invoicing and ensure that all payments are collected in time.

Here are a few more reasons why you should look into mobile invoicing for your field service business:

Greater Accuracy

Increased accuracy is perhaps the greatest benefit of mobile invoicing onsite instead of waiting for a few hours or days send invoices to your clients. Since technicians will be able to send the invoice across almost immediately after the job is completed, all the details of the invoice will be accurately filled. In case there is any discrepancy, that too can be sorted out on the spot, reducing the need for constant back and forth that is characteristic of orders received by field service businesses.

Reduced Manual Effort

Creating invoices manually using a third-party invoicing tool often requires a lot of effort from gathering the details to listing down the description of each of the tasks. Since everything from previous invoice details to payment history will be available on the application, you’ll also be able to quickly take a look at past jobs and transactions to find out everything you need to know about the payment history of a client. Having all of your invoicing information available in one place will also help you keep track of all paid, unpaid, and pending transactions easily without manually having to go through countless records.

Costs Less than Traditional Invoicing

Traditionally, invoicing was a long and cumbersome process that involved printing, posting, and mailing invoices directly to the client. By digitizing your invoicing mechanism, you can save on the cost of manually creating each invoice – that too while adding much-needed flexibility for your clients.

Improved Payment Timelines

Mobile invoicing onsite essentially means that your clients won’t have to wait to wait more than a mere moment to find out just how much they owe you. As a result, you can expect to receive payments much faster and minimize any unnecessary delays in your cash flows.

Increased Security

Mobile invoicing providers maximize security by ensuring that their systems are PCI compliant. This way, the technician, client, and business can all rest assured that the payment will be received without any losses. The entire process from the preparation of the mobile invoice to receiving the payment will take just a few minutes, helping you manage your finances without any worries.

Leverage the Power of Mobile Invoicing for Your Field Service Business with Nexus Service Manager

Designed to facilitate field service businesses, Nexus Service Manager now comes with a mobile invoicing feature to make receiving payments a breeze. With out-of-the-box connectivity to Reckon, MYOB, and Xero, Nexus Service Manager allows technicians to generate an invoice for any newly completed job and even for jobs that were completed in the past.

For added convenience, Nexus Service Manager also automatically generates a PDF invoice for record-keeping purposes. A QR code can also be generated directly through the application, allowing the client to pay online using their mobile phone.

For added security, Nexus Service Manager creates a new payment link for each client and each invoice. This way, the chances of interception or fraud are minimized to almost zero, making for a safe and secure transaction every single time.

In case the customer would still like the invoice to be emailed to them, Nexus Service Manager will automatically populate the email address field from the contact details of the client. Once a transaction is successfully processed, the Pin Payment functionality in Nexus Service Manager will allow the technician to change the invoice status to “Paid in Full” preventing any issues in the future.

Ready to digitize your field service business? Get in touch for a demonstration today to experience Nexus Service Manager’s mobile invoicing feature firsthand to minimize delays in payment, increase customer satisfaction, and save costs and time required in invoicing manually.


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