Nexus Service Manager was originally designed by observing a handful of Australian pest control companies and due to the lengthy design phase that lasted over 3 years, Nexus Service Manager is regarded by many as the most user-friendly yet technically advanced Pest Control Software available.

Pest control software designed and developed for Pest control industry. Nexus Service Manager is Australian owned and developed unlike many other high level field service software products. Backed by local Australian support, you can spend your time managing your business and leave the rest to our support team.

This system is designed to collect all information and activities for your business. By integrating and centralising all business information, it allows for efficient and more accurate storage and reporting of information in the office and out on the field with the pest control app for technicians.

Pest Control Software

Here are a few of the favorited features for pest control companies:

Service Renewal Report

The Service Renewal Report empowers you to retain existing customers by identifying those who have previously used your services, this report allows you to generate targeted service reminders via letters, emails, or SMS in mass. This approach capitalizes on established trust and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Service Renewal Report

Field Service Reports

Service reports are digital documents that technicians can fill out using the mobile web app while on-site. These reports can include various types of questions, photos and can be customised using templates or existing general pest control report and termite inspection reports. They are stored in the database and can be generated and emailed at any time, providing real-time visibility of on-site work to the office and eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

Field Service Reports

QR Codes for Rodent and Termite Stations

QR codes serve to improve data collection, ensure thorough servicing of each bait station, and provide a customizable solution for pest control companies with trend reporting.

QR Codes for Rodent and Termite Stations

Customer Job Reminders

This feature automatically sends the customer a confirmation email or SMS the day before the job, reminding them that the technician will need access to the property or to reschedule if not suitable.

Customer Job Reminders

Drag and Drop Scheduling

This feature enables quick assignment of jobs to specific dates and times, and technicians, directly from the job creation screen or the daily schedule view. It simplifies the process of finding an appropriate time slot and assigning technicians to jobs. Unscheduled job can also be dropped directly on to the schedule.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Mobile App with Live Updates

The Nexus Service Manager mobile app is designed to provide technicians with all the necessary information and assist them in recording information within a job. It includes features such as job lists, job details, maps, photos and files, tech notes, customer history, collected payments, customer signatures and service reports.

Mobile App with Live Updates

Mobile invoicing and Credit Card Payments

Mobile Invoicing allows technicians to generate invoices on-site immediately after job completion. This feature speeds up the invoicing process and reduces office workload. Technicians can send invoices via email or provide a QR code in person for credit card payment. If integrated with accounting systems like MYOB, Xero, or Reckon, invoices and payments will automatically sync. Additionally, credit card payments can be collected through the mobile app or the Online Invoice Payment app.

Mobile invoicing and Credit Card Payments

Online Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is a module that enhances customer service by providing customers with access to view and accept quotes, view past and future jobs, invoices, customer files, and reports. Access levels can be customized for each customer, ensuring they only see relevant information.

There are many more favorited features in this Pest Control Software, please book a demo to see more.

Online Customer Portal


Scheduling Management Software

Scheduling Management

Schedule smarter with accurate data available in real time.

Customer Management Software

Contact Management

Manage all the customers infomation from site to billing contacts.

Quoting Management Software


Generate quotes using different quote templates.

Mobile feild invoicing software


Generates an invoice with just one click of a button.

Scheduling Management Software

Stock Management

Track inventory easily and efficiently.

job management software

Job History and Tracking

Search for old jobs in seconds.

Technician Management Software

Technician Assignments

Create assignments for technicians and set reminders.

Accounts Integration

Accounts Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Reckon, Xero and MYOB.

Mobile Pest App

Mobile App

Technicians can access their job runs, take photos, complete service reports and add notes.

Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature Capture

Collect customer signature with sign on glass.

Advanced Reporting Software

Advanced Reporting

Analyze customers and technicians with advanced reporting options.

User Level Permissions

User Level Permissions

Allows you to control employees permission level access.

Employee Management

Employee Management

Record all your employee details, files and qualified skills in one system.

Document Management Software

File/Document Management

Access customer and employee files from anywhere.

Onsite Equipment Management Software

Onsite Equipment Management

Record all onsite equipment for each site.

WebFleet integration

Vehicle Management

View vehicle locations with WebFleet integration.

Customer Portal Software

Customer Portal

Allow customers to view Quotes, Jobs and Invoices all in one centralized location.

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Accept credit cards payment online & onsite.

No Lock In Contract

Your free to change your mind or subscription at any time. The software grows with your business.

Free Training

All customers receive free onboard training. This helps customers get the most out of the software.

Unlimited Support

Not sure how to do something, just email or call support. Australian support that’s gives you the right answer every time.

Database Conversion

We offer database conversion services to make the process easy and more efficient. Read More

Australian owned and operated Field Service Management Software

Australian owned and operated

Nexus Service Manager is entirely Australian owned and Australian operated.

Additionally the application data and servers are also hosted in Sydney, Australia, keeping your data as safe and close to home as possible.

We offer unlimited telephone and email support for a smooth and convenient process.

Seamless integrations with your favourite apps


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